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13 Haziran 2020

Public slackness in Diyarbakır causes a surge in coronavirus cases

Public slackness in Diyarbakır causes a surge in coronavirus cases
The number of patients diagnosed with Coronavirus in Diyarbakır, which came to the agenda with a low number of cases during the pandemic that started on March 11, exceeded 300, according to reports.

In the city, where people fear rise in the number of coronavirus, the number of clinics was increased in two pandemic hospitals, and the number of clinics which was decreased to one increased to 5 again.

Because bed capacities are almost full with the new cases from the districts, newly diagnosed patients are isolated in their homes.

As the desired level of mask usage and social distance could not be reached within the scope of combating Covid-19 in Diyarbakır, starting on Wednesday, June 10, it was forbidden by The Provincial Sanitary Board to go out to the street without a mask.

Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Diyarbakır Governor and Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We could not reach the level we want about mask use and social distance across Diyarbakır. Therefore, it is forbidden by the Provincial Sanitary Board to go out in the city without a mask starting from Wednesday in order to protect our citizens health.”

Diyarbakır Dicle University Faculty of Medicine Hospitals Chest Diseases Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Şenyiğit spoke to Ilke News Agency about the normalization process.

Şenyiğit said: “When I look at the rates of patients in my region, especially in Diyarbakır, for the past few days, the number of cases seems to have increased by 100 percent and 50-60 patients are coming per day. This is an unexpected picture. The main reason for this is not following the rules. Please follow these rules. If these rules are not followed, if the number of diseases increases a little more, curfews and quarantines will be applied. This will cause great problems.”


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